Wordless Wednessday!

Do I really need to say anything?

My 6 year-old came home from school looking like this one day. I guess he decided to play barber.
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  1. This actually happened several months back, it was a day before picture day lol. I was able to shave it with some clippers and it didn't look too bad. The one cut went all the way down to his scalp, so I didn't cut it all that low, I just kind of blended it. By the time we went to Disney in March it was long enough to spike up again.

  2. Oh no! My daughter is the only one of my 3 kids that's done that so far (and thankfully she didn't cut to the root but just cut about 5 inches off part of her very long hair), but at least with boys you can fix it with a short-hair cut that won't look too terrible!

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