You Will Never Look At Toilet Seat Covers the Same Way Again


Yes, I know, I already wrote about toilet seat covers and the need for them in my 4 Women do to Piss Me Off post. So right now, you are starting to wonder “Is this woman obsessed with public restrooms?” The answer is no. Sadly, I am taken into almost every one I pass though, because the boys like to “check them out.” So I guess I am a connoisseur of shorts. Anyway, it turns out that those toilet seat covers can apparently be used to make some really amazing clothes! Yep, you heard me. Someone right now is wearing toilet seat booty guards on their back! Crazy I know.

{The Toilet Seat Cover Dress}

The dress below is made by designer Laura Dreger from over 500 high quality TOLETTA toilet seat covers and took over 100 hours to make. That is one heck of a work week people! This is one booty beauty product I think looks pretty hot.


Want to make a paper dress of your own or just protect yourself from nasty public toilets? Check out the TOLETTA site to purchase covers of your own.


  1. What a lovely way to get some publicity! I know of some people who use duct tape to make clothing items, but never toilet seat covers…I suppose those are more of an indoor, DONT GET IT WET! kind of outfits… Haha

  2. I haven't seen the duct tape ones, but I will have to go search them out now that you all mentioned them.

  3. Funny stuff!

    I wonder, does the back of the dress have a zipper so you can open it up and sit directly on the toilet without removing the dress?

    Just thinking out loud here! 🙂

  4. When I was little a friend and I made a dress out of toilet paper. In our defense it did have little pastel flowers on it.

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